Vancouver’s Top Office Furniture Stores

The city of Vancouver is the most populous in the Western Canada region. It has been consistently named as one of the top five worldwide cities for livability and quality of life. The city has also hosted many successful international conferences and events including the 2010 Winter Olympics. Vancouver is also home to the annual TED conference. With so much of growth in the business world there is no doubt that the city also has a huge demand for office furniture and the various brands and stores available are a proof of the very existence.

The list of the top office furniture stores in Vancouver starts with Inspiration Furniture, who are the people that  deliver home and office furniture with an attitude. Opened in 2002, Inspiration Furniture is owned by brothers Peter and Steen Skaaning. Their 40,000 square feet showroom is in itself a living example of what modern furniture is all about. The building features a covered car parking and is three stories high and five levels all together. They are the leaders in contemporary and modern furnishings and are considered to be Vancouver’s fastest growing furniture company. Thanks to their 60,000 square feet warehouse and distribution center, there is no doubt that most of the items are always in stock and ready for delivery and installation by their in-house professionals. Inspiration also offers in-house design services to their clients.

Another option that is an ideal choice for those who would prefer to invest in some modern office furniture is Living Space. This company was established in 1988 and has grown to become Vancouver’s premier destination for European modern furniture. If you are ever in Vancouver you should definitely check out their 19,000 square feet showroom which features a curated selection of top international brands. The stores core home furnishing business has also expanded to include lighting, outdoor furniture, architectural doors, closet systems and Canada’s first Arclinea kitchen studio. Their online site acts as the perfect platform for those who would like to view their products online; the virtual showroom allows customers to view their entire range of products. You can either search by product type, manufacturer or designer. You could also save your search results or request for further information and pricing. They also work closely with architects and designers to provide the best in design and assist in specifying and communicating a projects vision.

Mobler Furniture is also a good choice for those who are looking for something outside the box. What began in 1984 as a Danish furniture import store has now converted into a successful furniture store that houses collections from all over the world in quality and style. Their international staff will guide you to make the right decision be it your home or office. Their passion is to help customers make the right  decision and provide the best in condo-sized, modern and affordable furniture. They strive to keep all their products in stock so you can be assured of walking out with your product the moment you purchase it or even have it delivered on time.

Other furniture stores in Vancouver that offer modern office solutions are Caltron Office, Heritage Office, Source, Impact Office Furnishing, David Lane Furniture, Chairlines just to name a few.