Office Furniture Singapore

Hunting for the perfect modern office furniture in Singapore is not a major task thanks to the wide choices that the country has to offer.

Lets start with Comfort Furniture or better known as the Chair and Table People in Singapore. Having over 30 years of experience in the Furniture industry, Comfort Furniture’s forte lies in the Contract Furnishing sector. The company carries a wide range of chairs and tables that are suited for indoor, outdoors, office and restaurants requirements, hence the name. Since they have an in-house carpentry department, welding department, spraying department and upholstery department, their sales extends beyond that of just tables and chairs, they are able to produce some of the most beautiful customized items and also offer good after sale services. Their 27,000 sqft showroom spans across 3 levels showcasing over a thousand chairs in comfortable and aesthetically pleasing displays. The top ten reasons why you should opt for Comfort Furniture are – Reliability, Wide selection, Professionalism, Peace of mind, Recognizable, Respected, Customer oriented, Best value, Free delivery and Determination.

Another popular brand that no one should miss out on when finding that perfect office furniture in Singapore is Dream. The company showcases furniture from some of the finest international labels such as Knoll, Cassina, Cappellini, Living Divani, Porro, Casamilano, Paola Lenti, Kettal, and De La Espada. Most of these labels have been designed by top designers. They have established a reputation for providing clients with some of the finest international furniture and furnishings available in Singapore. Dream is truly a one stop destination for both enthusiast and designers thanks to their timeless and sophisticated designs displayed across their 18,000 sqft showroom. They believe in offering premium international brand furniture that effortlessly blend in with the modern living space. They also speak highly of their unmatched customer service where all your queries will be answered by their highly knowledgeable staff. On the other hand if you are looking for something that is more unique in a sort of way then Space is the place for you. This company values their products and make sure that they are appreciated for life. Just like one should never compromise on the best in life Space believe that people should not compensate on their furniture as well. Spaces’ first Asian showroom was set up in Singapore which immediately established a high benchmark for design retailing in the luxury lifestyle contemporary furniture industry around the Asia Pacific region. Space is the place for you’re to find something that will surely stand out in your office space, if that is what you are looking to achieve.

Established in 2006 Ardent Office Furniture has set themselves apart from the rest of the market and only focus on providing high quality office furniture. They believe in earning their trust with their respective clients, hence you can be assured that their stocks will never run low and they will always be available for an after sales service on their products.

Explore the leading furniture stores in Singapore or a few other places you could find the latest designs are Offitek, TYT Corp., Knoll and Lush!