Office Furniture Egypt

Like every other country Egypt too has a great demand for modern office furniture for their various office spaces. We would like to begin with the El Helow Group, who initially began as a small establishment which manufactured plastic, nickel-chrome, rubber, light furniture, chairs in many their forms and many other items since 1980. Having over 30 years of experience, El Helow office furniture specialize in all types of local and imported office furniture and strive to deliver only the best quality products wit the least cost on the customers budget. They tend to go out of their way at times to satisfy the customer’s needs. Their main concern has and always will be to offer customers the best in quality, color, style, material and type in office furniture’s with the most competitive pricing in the market. El Helow has also been known for their wide range of products that range from modern to classical, hoping to serve all types of customers.

Artec Furniture is another place to opt for when choosing some interesting pieces for furniture for your office space. Artec Furniture live on the common basics of providing customers with the best prices, offering 15% discounts throughout the year and after sale maintenance and service options. They are a dedicated and committed manufacturer of all contributions ranging from various types of desks and chairs that are solely meant for office use. They are also an authorized distributor for major international companies in the field of providing modern office solutions to every firm or enterprise. If you have any basic need or requirement for your office even if it is a minor equipment or fitting then Artec Furniture is the place for you.

If you are one of those who prefer a relaxed state of shopping, then Jumia is the place for you. This one stop shop in Egypt has almost everything that you need from electronics to furniture. Although the furniture collection on their site might be very basic and minimal they are some of the most unique pieces and surely something that everyone would want. Jumia are rearing to become Egypt’s No. 1 online shopping portal, hence you will find that it is rather easy to shop at their online store. Once the product is chosen, you can choose the mode of payment that you prefer and the product will be delivered to you with a week!

When someone wants to set up their office in a really unique manner maybe with an entire wooden set up then they must visit Nok Nok Good Wood in Egypt. This family owned business produces furniture and accessories for homes and offices and for everyone who is young at heart. Their lines of furniture’s are multi-functional, practical, solid and affordable. They have served quite a few clients till date and are very proud of their achievements.

Apart from Nok Nok there are a few more stores in Egypt that you could check out for the ideal modern office furniture and these are Future Office Furniture, The Home Page, Deluxe Office Furniture, Rock Office, Pro Office, Dary Office and the ever lasting Ikea for amazing home office sets.