Office Furniture Christchurch

Like every other city the people of Christchurch would also love to invest in some unique and modern pieces of furniture’s when it comes to setting up their new office space.

Our first destination for modern office furniture in Christchurch leads us to John Cochrane; their business began in 1990 to offer customers quality furniture for the commercial market and more importantly a high level of customer service which is not very common in the industry. With John’s 15 years of experience in the furniture manufacturing industry, there is no doubt about his wealth of knowledge across the board in all areas of furniture production. He has simultaneously built a close relationship with the local craftsman and his continuous hands on approach ensure that his bespoke items are created to a top standard. Their multi level showroom displays furniture samples for both commercial and residential use. Despite the wide collections that are offered from both far and wide, John Cochrane prefers to work and support the New Zealand designers and manufacturers. Buying locally has its own advantages too, apart from the fact that it helps locals to keep their jobs; you will also be assured of only quality products. When the product is manufactured locally there is a better chance of making changes and of course the easier communication as well. They do their best when it comes to a delivery of a product in terms of time line and pricing. Warranties are also provided depending on the product and the supplier.

Our next option when it comes to picking out modern office furniture would be Damen Office Furniture, who provides high quality stylish furniture at exceptional values meeting and satisfying every office and commercial furniture need for the entire organization or just yourself. They pride themselves in offering personal attention and customer focused thinking with great office furniture solutions that will provide the image you require. Whether you are looking for stylish or just plain modern furniture, then Damen is the place for you. They have been offering quality and spectacularly priced office furniture solutions from private offices, conference rooms, training rooms to lobby, lounge and reception areas. Damen began in 1992 and is a New Zealand owned company. They have a really unique tip list on their website which is ideal for anyone who wants to invest in some quality office furniture. Damen understands that finding the perfect set of office furniture is arguably as important as finding the perfect location for your office as well.

Nood is another popular furniture store in Christchurch which translates into new objects of desire. Nood is all about simplifying everything we do including our furniture at home and work. Everything that Nood does right from their unique designs, to their outstanding prices begins and ends with simplicity and satisfaction. The first Nood store was launched in 2007 in New Zealand and hosts a wide range of products like modern furniture, kitchen & dining, bed & bath, lighting, clocks, giftware, home decor, and much more.