Business Interiors NZ

Having a bit of modernism and contemporary in our office furniture is something that everyone desires. These days almost every piece of furniture that is bought for the office is chosen with great thought. Modern office furniture not only provides its employees with comfort but also makes it reasonable cheap to afford as well. One  of the best  places to shop for modern office furniture in New Zealand is Modern Office itself. As their name suggests Modern Office is an all an out store for those who would love to invest in some unique pieces of modern furniture for their office space. They will manage the entire process for you, right from the deign to the installation. Having over 40 years of experience in the office furniture and fit out section Modern Office has a unique reputation with leading architects, designers, quality manufacturers, furniture designers and importers in New Zealand. They are the sole distributors of the Nurus brand in New  Zealand apart from other brands. Most of their customers prefer Modern Office for the fact that their pieces are built to last and also the pieces they import are only from the best and top leading manufacturers. They are very passionate about offering you the best solution for your office space at the most practical and affordable price range.

Well if you are in Auckland then do not miss out on visiting Systems Commercial; they are the largest commercial furniture showroom for all your office furniture fit out requirements. This family owned company is considered to be the leading supplier of affordable designer furniture with over 30 years of experience specializing in office fit out and design. They follow the latest in modern office trends mainly the Sit-Stand desking, Break out spaces, Open plan offices and Communal work environments. Although they service some of the top corporate and government clients, Systems Commercial is also a place you could go to if you want to set up a modern home office or even your child’s first desk at very affordable prices. Whether you are looking for the chrome and leather options or even something more budget oriented, they have a wide range of choices. Thanks to their space management and free design services they are able to provide clients with a visual of what their end product would look like. With the help of their factory Ward Manufacturing they are able to produce some of the largest range of stylish, durable and economical furniture solutions for any office.

In today’s age and time when everyone is busy with their businesses, Eclectic furniture takes the times to source the right product for the right project. Eclectic Furniture is the supplier of quality, stylish, modern and commercial office furniture. They offer architects and designers a complete and integrated solution, freeing their time for design.  Budget estimates, Sample supplies, design consultation, consultation with project managers and supervised installation are only a few of the wide services that Eclectic offers its customers.