Top Office Furniture Stores in Adelaide

Every one of us would love to have something latest in our closet so why not the same desire when it comes to furnishing your office. Many of the business people these days prefer to decorate their offices with latest modern furniture than the regular traditional or contemporary styles. The people of Adelaide are no different and they have nothing less too when it comes to finding that perfect and ideal set of office furniture.

If you are looking for the top stores for office furniture in Adelaide, the first place would be JP Office Workstations who believe that the only way an employee would be encouraged to work harder and collaborate with the company will be if he is happy and that can only be achieved with the kind of atmosphere one creates at the workplace. Beautiful workplace solutions in turn work towards creating unimaginable ideas. Their furniture designs help to inspire staff and simultaneously bring a company’s idea to life by encouraging spontaneous meetings and discussions either through bench style and standing desks, social areas and open lounge seating. Cubicles and other barriers that used to exist in age old offices need to be gotten ridden off in order to help employees inspire and stimulate. JP Office Workstations offers supply, install and office space planning and design services Australia wide.

They are also considered to be one of the fastest growing office furniture retailers in Australia. They pride themselves in being an industry leader in providing innovative and contemporary office furniture solutions at affordable prices. They have the ability and capability to execute any size furniture fit out. Few of the features that make JP Office Workstations the most ideal store to do business with are – Price Transparency, where the prices are listed out openly on the websites for everyone to see and you do not have to waste your time in getting a quote. Fast Turnaround, they can provide you with a 3-5 delivery and installation unlike other companies since most of their products are in stock at all times. Quality Products, you can be rest assured that the products you purchase from them will last you a lifetime especially the workstation systems and desks that come with a 10 year warranty.

If you are looking for something a little more unique to dawn your office space then do check out the collections at Franco Crea. This South Australian based in Adelaide is a distinctive, stylish and reputable designer within the high end Australian furniture scene. He offers a varied of established collections for both residential and commercial. Franco also offers his flagship custom made product that are styled to fit any type of surrounding. His commercial furniture and handcrafted solutions define class and sophistication. If you are looking for a boardroom, training room, café or breakout area that reflects a sense of uniqueness within a company then Franco Crea is the person for you. Whether it is one-piece or an entire office solution he can design to suit any requirement.

Other places that you could check out for modern office furniture in Adelaide are Bo Concept, Blu Dot, Keen Office Furniture, BFX, Connect Furniture and Fine Seat.